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Started over 30 years ago, Friends of the Vine (FOV) wine club offers events and services that balance fun and learning wrapped up in good value. Focusing on wines that are available for purchase in our current marketplace, we help our members select wines for cellaring and for immediate enjoyment.


FOV does not have a wine cellar. While this may sound odd for a wine club, most of our members have wine cellars and understand what it means to try to stay ahead of maturing wines - you basically become a slave to your cellar. Not having a cellar means we are free to explore wines from regions around the world that are producing better, early-drinkable, diverse wines.


Club membership is diverse, with approximately 120 members who participate in food and wine pairings, varietal / technical tastings, member-led tastings, special wine purchases and mountain escapes. When we have the space, guests are welcome to attend our events. 



The wines we taste at our functions are available to our members that day, and because we focus on wines in the current marketplace, our members get current information about wines that they may like to own (we've had several events where our members bought over $12,000 of wine at discounted prices).



Always searching the marketplace for the best value wines from all regions and in all price ranges, we assist members in making those purchases by partnering and arranging discounts with Calgary and area wine stores.


Your board is working on several 2023 events - here are some you can add to your calendar:

Plates & Palates SOLD OUT

DATE: September 22, 2023 (Friday)

LOCATION: Willow Park Golf & Country Club


Bubbles Brunch (details to follow)

DATE: November 25, 2023 (Saturday)

LOCATION: Cassis Bistro


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