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Plates & Palates

What wines go with these foods?

DATE: September 22, 2023 (Friday)

TIME: 6:30 to 9:30 PM

LOCATION: Willow Park Golf & Country Club

                    639 Willow Park Drive SE

PRICE (includes GST and gratuity):    

  • Members - $85

  • Guests - $110


Already over 2/3 sold out! Why would you buy a wine that you have not tasted and liked? Over 35 wines open for you to taste and pair with food. Buy your wines at the best prices of the year.


If you were lucky enough to get in last time, you know how much fun this event will be.


The beautiful Willow Park Golf and Country Club will host us again for our Plates & Palates wine and food pairing. Catch up with your friends as you sample over 35 great wines. Eight different tapas-style plates (e.g., crab cakes, beef, wild mushroom strudel, etc.) will make up your dinner, each new plate being delivered at 15-minute intervals. Try different wines with each food plate and find the perfect pairing! What better way to see which of the wines goes best with each of the foods? Has your palate changed? You know that a perfect wine/food pairing elevates the flavor of each, and you can find your perfect pairing with each type of food.


More good news - - purchase the wines you love at deep discount prices (shhh… wholesale + 10%), unbelievable savings!


And best of all, this popular tasting gives you the chance to introduce your friends to the friendly atmosphere (and benefits) of the Friends of the Vine club. They, too, can purchase wines at these unbelievable savings.


Same bargain price as last year for members - - if you have dined out recently you know what a deal this is. The last FOV event sold out weeks before the event - - don’t get left out!


Register today by clicking on this link:


Space is limited, so reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Make your reservation today and send your payment to ensure a seat.


Annual FOV membership dues change for 2024

We have eliminated the couples’ rate; membership fees will be $30 per person (inflation has caught up!).


NOTE: Your current 2023 FOV membership is good till December 31st. Early Bird 2024 membership renewal is now open. You can renew today and if you have a friend who would like to attend this event, who is not a member, they can buy a membership today and enjoy members’ pricing for events till December 31st, 2024.

Link for Early 2024 FOV Membership:


Members and guests accept and agree that The Friends of the Vine Society bears no responsibility, or liability, for accidents caused, or resulting from, the members, THEIR SPOUSE’S AND THEIR GUEST’S use of any alcoholic beverage before, during, or after any function offered by the Society.

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